At REMOTE OUTPOST we provide our customers with the necessary consulting, equipment and expertise to be connected to any of the broadband Internet networks in South Africa. We do this using any of the current broadband solutions available i.e. fibre, ADSL, LTE or other. Providing you with networked solutions,
wherever you may be

Contact us on tel.: +27 83 447 7213
A few of the advantages of getting a broadband Internet service:
  • No telephone usage charges (a fixed fee applies per month)
  • Predictable monthly costs
  • Instant activation and productivity
  • Ability to share the same broadband connection with others (in the office or home)
  • Freedom and mobility to take your Internet connection with you

  • Security is one of the priorities of any connected environment. We provide our customers with the very best antivirus security software and firewallling hardware. Please contact us if you are interested in a solution for your network environment or computer.
    We supply leading equipment brands, which includes Samsung, NETGEAR, HP, Acer, GIGABYTE and many more. We provide our customers with a complete range of equipment. Be it a standalone system like a desktop or laptop to complete networked solutions using fibre, ADSL, LTE or other broadband Internet services. Please contact us for further details or a quotation.