REMOTE OUTPOST is a South African company that was established with an aim to provide computer networked solutions using enterprise-class professionalism and service. Our extensive experience in Information Communication Technology (ICT) especially broadband Internet networks and Microsoft Small Business Server (SBS) network environments makes us the first choice when you are looking for a holistic solution for your business.

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Providing you with networked solutions,
wherever you may be
We spent over 25 years in the professional and service industry to have learnt some key principles that worked well and that we apply in our business:
  • Transparency - if we have any reservations about the work, we will tell you so
  • Quality - delivering exactly what we said, because we do not like messy business
  • Win-Win - fostering a sustainable long term relationship
  • Simplicity - why should things be complicated?
  • Price - customers are always hunting for the best deal and so do we

  • We have partnered with many clients to establish their ICT in their business by:
  • Being their virtual IT manager to align their ICT with their business strategy 
  • Consulting, analysing and implementing ICT for their business
  • Choosing the best solutions and services based on a wealth of experience
  • Providing the right level of expertise to implement and support the desired solution
  • Saving everybody time, money and headaches
  • In ICT and especially the broadband Internet access market in South Africa, we have found many over-priced services and products that are not suitable for the small business community. Many of which are because of the lack of proper competition and education in our country and the usual snob-factor (and price) added to most new things entering the market. We are always looking at the market critically so that we can enhance our service and product offering.